Berith, Forest Wanderer


Off and through the dense, inexcapable woods Berith and his dearest crimson-manned steed run.  The thundering hooves give measure to the soul-crushing fear that all living things feel when they hear his roars.  None have ever fled the woods successfully after falling prey to his deception.

Name OriginEdit

Baal-Berith or Berith was the god of the Canaanite city, who later came to be viewed as the demon Baalberith by Christian demonology. According to the Book of Judges, his temple was destroyed when Abimelech quelled the rising of his subjects. The name denotes a form of Ba'al-worship prevailing in Israel, according to the Book of Judges, and particularly in Shechem. The term "Ba'al" is shown by the equivalent "El-berith" to mean "the God of the Covenant." The 'Covenant' (Hebrew: Berith) to which this refers may refer to treaties such as one with the Canaanitic league of which Shechem was the head, or the covenant between Israel and the people of Shechem. The term is considered by some to be too abstract to have been occasioned by a single set of conditions. Moreover, the temple of the god in Shechem implies a permanent establishment. Probably the name and the cult were widespread and ancient, though it is mentioned only in connection with the affairs of Shechem.

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