Bequeathed Francesc


As divine punishment for creating the tower, King Nimrod was killed by his own crazed people. Defeated in their fight against the gods, the people withdrew the tower and fled underground to regroup. Francesc, heir to the throne, vowed to bring about his dead father's dream to overtake the heavens. With his fellow refugees, they began to build up their forces.


Added on May 29, 2013 as a Reward during God Smack Raid Event:

  • 30 Bosses Repelled.
  • Half-time Rank 1,501-3,000.
  • Can be found in the Boss Reward Chest opened with The Citrine Key.

Name OriginEdit

Francesc is a masculine name of Italian origin from Franciscus (Latin); the meaning is "Frenchman, free man". A variant of Francis (English), Francisco (Spanish), Francois (French); Frances is the feminine form.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 4th and 5th Chapters in the God Smack Raid Event.

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