Battlefield Spirit Durga


Amongst the veterans of war, all knew of Durga the mercenary and her exploits. Though she possessed the strength to slay gargantuan beast with ease, she was infamous for her never-aging figure. Her appearance was the same as it was a hundred years ago. As a result, warriors began to call her "The spirit of the Battlefield"


Added on August 21, 2014 as a Final Reward during Circle of Betrayal Raid Event:

  • Final rank 401-600 (x2), 601-900, 1,501-1,999 (x2), 2,001-3,000 (x2).
  • Guild rank 11-50, 51-100.

Name originEdit

Durga, also known as Devi and Shakti, is the Hindu warrior Goddess who was created by the Gods in order to overcome lower (Asuric or demonic) forces. They each bestowed a special attribute upon her and gave her the weapons she holds. Durga in Sanskrit means "the one who is invincible and indomitable". She depicted as having ten arms, red-golden glowing skin, and brightly colored attire, often riding a lion or a tiger, carrying weapons, and practicing symbolic hand gestures. She manifests fearlessness and patience and never loses her sense of humor even during spiritual battles of epic proportion, as represented by the constant meditative smile on her face.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 1st and 2nd chapters during the Circle of Betrayal Raid Event.

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