Battle Masters was an on-going event introduced to the Legend of the Cryptids game in October of 2012.

The event was a battle based event, similar to Battle Royales, with points awarded for battling and defeating other players. Unlike with Battle Royales, battles took place purely on an individual level, with participation from Guilds not being necessary or possible. The amount of points awarded depended on the level of the opposing player, as well as their total defensive power.

Players were ranked on a daily and weekly basis, based on the total amount of points earned through the period. Special items called Cryptstones were awarded to all players, based on their daily and weekly rankings. These items could be exchanged for special rewards like cards and items. Additionally, the rank of opposing players in a battle also had a bearing on the amount of points earned through victory, with more points awarded for defeating higher ranked players.

The event would be suspended indefinitely in January of 2013 due to technical issues with ranking calculations, with a resume date not announced or even planned.

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