Battle Elixirs are used to recharge Battle Points (BP) during Heroes Colosseo events.


Battle Elixirs are obtained by participation in the Colosseo event. Elixirs are sent to presents as rewards for the accomplishment of a variety of Colosseo tasks.


Image Displayed Name Recovery End of Event Conversion
Small Battle Elixir (Bound) Small Battle Elixir (Bound)1 × BPDestroyed
Half Battle Elixir (Bound) Half Battle Elixir (Bound)3 × BPHalf Power Potion (Bound)
Battle Elixir (Bound) Battle Elixir (Bound)6 × BPPower Potion (Bound)
Battle Elixir Battle Elixir6 × BPPower Potion

Additional Notes

Like other event-specific items, such as Orbs of Sacred Light and Faerie's Blessings, any elixirs held in items are converted into some variety of Power Potion once the Colosseo is finished.

Unlike other event-specific items, one of the elixir types is not bound, making it tradeable or giftable to other players. This becomes important at the end of the event for the conversion only affects only items appearing in your inventory.

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