Awakening Grim Reaper


On All Hallows' Eve, all the dead arise and congregate. Quite a few death gods join in an annual competition to collect these dead souls. Their queen strives to collect more souls than anyone. "This is no time to get distracted by Halloween!"


This card was awarded for clearing all 100 Event Quests, as well as completing the 6 Treasure collections during the This is Halloween event. It was also awarded for finishing the event with an individual ranking of 401-1499. Additionally, guild members whose guild finished the event with a ranking of 6-50, and who collected 400 jack-o-heads, received this card as a reward.

Name OriginEdit

The Grim Reaper is the personification of Death found in Western culture, often represented as a skeleton wearing a black hooded cloak and armed with a scythe.

Additional InfoEdit

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