Atlas, King of Atlantis


An active volcano sits in the center of Atlantis. The lava-filled crater produces an ink-black metal able to withstand the most extreme heat. This mineral, known as orichalcum, is the pride of the nation and can be worked into any shape. It symbolizes power, and only the ruler of Atlantis, Atlas, may wield it.

Name OriginEdit

In the Greek mythology, one of the sons of Poseidon the god of the Sea, appointed by his father as supreme sovereign of Atlantis. Atlas is the elder brother of the ten sons of Poséidon and Clito, a girl living in the mythical island of Atlantis, domain of the god of the Sea. Poseidon cut Atlantis in ten parts, one for each of his sons. Atlas, who receives the central mountain, is also appointed by Poséidon as the supreme sovereign of the island. Legend tells us that he was a good king, and makes his territory prosperous, among the richest in the world.


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