Asrax, Prudent Mage


In a bizarre turn of events, humand had begun transforming into demons in a village deep in the back country. Asrax journeyed to the land where the demons swarmed in an attempt to find out the source of the madness. After gathering information, he came to two conclusions. First, there was a single demon that was causing the transformation in others. Second, there was a suspicious shadow working behind the scenes and manipulating that single demon. "Testament... It's you, isn't it?" Asrax muttered to himself. Testament was Asrax's superior, and a close friend. Asrax prepared for battle.


Added on February 27, 2014 during Infinite Realms:

  • Final Ranking Reward 1201-1999, 2001-2999, 5001-9,999.
  • Guild Ranking Reward 51-200.

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