Ashlee, Nursing Steel


Ashlee heard a faint cry for help from the city junkyard. Smiling as she picked up the rusty doll, she whispered, "It was you, wasn't it? Well, don't you worry; everything's gong to be all right now." She then hurried back to her dwelling through the steam-filled streets lined with churning machinery, prepared to utilize her astounding techniques once again.


Added on April 27, 2015 as a part of Berzerker Rush 14 Card Pack. Highest Legend Ranking Reward Card for 1-60th (x2), 61-320th Places plus for 1st (x2), 2-60th Places in the CP Ranking, altogether 441 cards.

Name originEdit

Ashlee is an English feminine variant of both feminine and masculine name Ashley of English origin; the meaning "ash tree clearing" or "ash tree meadow", derived from a place name and surname from the Old English words æsc "ash" and lēah "meadow, forest clearing". As a given name, like most surnames turned into first names, Ashley was originally used for "only" male children, but it is now most often used on girls.

Additional InfoEdit

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