Arle, Rainbow Sprite


Just as the light of the moon will always slip through people's fingers, so is the beautiful Arle, also made up of particles of light, ever out of reach. The spirit appears throughout those places filled with luminosity, such as a moonlit garden or sunny palisade. All adventurers know that the sight of Arle signifies that, for some time to come, the skies will be clear and the weather fair.


Can be acquired for free during promo period of the Yuletide Special Promo Login Box Card Pack since 11th December to 23rd December, 2014.

  • Can be traded or gifted.

Name originEdit

Arle is probably a variant or a short form of English feminine name Arlene. Arlene is a feminine form of Arlen, from Gaelic origin, meaning "pledge, promise, oath". Or possibly a coinage based on German, Polish, and English Marlene (German origin, blend of the names Latin Maria "star of the sea" and Greek Magdalene "from Magdala") or French Charlene (Old German origin, "free man").

Additional InfoEdit

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