Archfiend Bradburn


"My name shall be engraved upon the very soil." His voice rumbled through the darkness. "My rage shall be engraved upon the very soil." His footsteps shook through the darkness. "My hatred shall be engraved upon the very soil." His roar thundered through the darkness. Bradburn rent the air with a howl louder than a cacophony of lions. His red eyes pierced the gloom of the abyss. The time had come at last to unleash his sinister plot. - The Princess' Plight, Chapter 1


Added on June 26th, 2014 during Behind the Lines Raid Event. Can be drawn with Topaz Key from Boss Reward Chest.

  • Rereleased on November 24, 2014 as a returning UR in the Archer 11 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Bradburn (Bradborn, Burn, Bourne, Berny, Brad) is a masculine name of Old English origin; the meaning is "wide stream, from the broad brook". English (Lancashire): habitational name from Bradbourne in Derbyshire or Brabourne in Kent, both named with Old English brād "broad" + burna "stream"’.

Additional InfoEdit

Was Hidden Boss during Tome of Mystaria Raid Event.

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