Arael, Grounded Angel


Arael appeared to be just like any other girl, and under their loving care of her parents, she grew up to be kind and beautiful. Their happy lives continued until a pair of beautiful white wings suddenly emerged from her back and revealed her true identity as an angel. Her parents, fearing they would lose their daughter, kept her locked inside the house. At first, she questioned their overprotectiveness, for she still loved them with all of her heart. However, there was a strange voice that echoed in her mind, urging her to return "home" to the skies above. Torn between the two sides, she struggled with her dilemma.


Rank reward in Heroes Colosseo XXXI

Name originEdit

Arael (Hebrew: אראל) is the Fifteenth Angel. Arael is a luminescent Angel with multiple sets of wings, some of them completely dwarfing the central body that is difficult to see due to Arael's brightness.

Since "Arael" literally means Light of God or Vision of God, it is probably no coincidence that the Angel glows so brightly and that its attack is a specialized beam of light. Arael is named for the patron angel of birds.

Additional InfoEdit

Renewed Version: (Sky-Longing) Arael, Grounded Angel.

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