Aqua Sphere Petra


Even veteran navigators may stray from their course during cloudy nights upon the high seas. However, it is at those times that a mysterious blue light may appear and show the way. Its gentle glow grants courage to the sailors as it guides them back to the shore. And if they look back out on the waves from the safety of land, they will see the charming smile of Petra.


Added on November 18, 2014 in the Dragon's Hoard 6 BOX Card Pack as "Reborn" powered-up animated version of Aqua Sphere Petra with different skill and lore.

Name originEdit

Petra is a shortened form of Petronella, the Greek name meaning "small rock" and a Latin name meaning "of the Roman clan Petronius". It is a feminine form of Peter.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Seunghee Lee.

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Aqua Sphere Petra (Normal Card Image)

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