Amazon Queen Hippolyte


Hippolyte has ruled the Amazon ever since she was young. According to the law of the tribe, the strongest person will rule. Hippolyte is not only strong but beautiful as well. Possessing qualities, humans and Cryptids lay prostrate before her. No one thought there was a more deserving queen of the Amazon than her.


Name OriginEdit

In Greek mythology, Hippolyta (/hɪˈpɒlɪˌtə/; Greek: Ἱππολύτη Hippolyte) was the Amazonian queen who possessed a magical girdle she was given by her father Ares, the god of war. The girdle was a waist belt that signified her authority as queen of the Amazons. She figures prominently in the myths of both Heracles and Theseus. As such, the stories about her are varied enough that they may actually be about several different characters.

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