Amaria of Holy Blue & Gold


When Amaria descends to the surface, the shroud of darkness is torn asunder and the wicked demons flee in terror. The spear she holds is a powerful holy weapon, and the gleam of its divine light can pierce the blackest shadow. With a gentle smile on her face, the sight of her whirling through the battlefield is unbearably ominous to the forces of evil.


Name originEdit

Amaria is a feminine name of Old Greek origin; the meaning is "unfading flower" or "one who will be forever beautiful"; derived from amarantos "unfading," with the Greek word anthos for "flower". Amaria is a form of the English Amara. Amara could have developed as a pet form of Amarantha (Old Greek), an ancient Greek flower name.

As a masculine name Amaria is a variant of Amarya and Amariah, of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "God has said" or "God has promised".

Additional InfoEdit

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