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Smiles are seldom with this queen of the underworld. There's something about Halloween that brings one out of her. "It would be a waste not to have a little fun on this night. Why don't we go together?" She says to her dark companions.


Available as part of Halloween Parade card pack during This is Halloween event.

Name origin[]

Allatu (also known as Allatum) is an underworld goddess modeled after the Mesopotamian goddess Ereshkigal and worshipped by western Semitic peoples, including the Carthaginians. She also may be equated with the Canaanite goddess Arsay.

Additional Info[]

  • This card was released as part of the Halloween Parade Series.
  • Is a redesign of a previous Battle Royal card Captivating Allatu
  • The witch flying in the background appears to be Black Witch of Sabato
  • Artwork by Kang Hee Gwang