Adeleine, Avatar of Piety


The celestial defenders of the gods each possess divine arms that signify their status. Becoming the personal champion of the deities was a coveted potion indeed, and many an angel vied for the honor. They scoured the land for the sacred aftifacts in the hopes of becoming one of the chosen. But alas, their search was in vain, for true treasures were not physical objects, but rather reverence, love, and devotion to the gods. And as the most pious seraph of all, Adeleine was destined to enter the ranks of the heavenly gaurdians.


Added on April 8, 2014 as a part of Torn Asunder Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Adeline is of French origin, diminutive of Adele; the meaning is "noble, of the nobility". A Norman name that came back into fashion in the nineteenth century. Adeline's popularity continued well into the early twentieth century, perhaps partly due to the song "Sweet Adeline." It fell out of favor in English-speaking countries in the mid-twentieth century, but it is becoming popular again as other form Madeline.

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