2 Year Anniversary

The 2 Year Anniversary campaign is a special celebration to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Legend of the Cryptids. The campaign runs from May 7, 2014 to May 21, 2014 and consists of various login campaigns, card packs, and events.

Login campaignEdit

All users who logged in on May 7th were gifted with:

2nd Anniversary Promo

LoC is holding a 48-hour Gem Sale from 12 May to 13 May, 2014.

Card packsEdit

Friendship Card Pack 2

For a limited time, the drop rate of Skilled Common Cards from the Friendship Card Pack are greatly increased, with a chance of drawing an Ultra Rare card. From 15th May to 18th May, 2014 it has a Huge UR Drop Rate.

Additionally, four more paid packs were released as part of the campaign:

Dragon's Hoard Banner

As a special 2nd Anniversary deal, three 19 PWR URs are available from this BOX Card Pack.

Archer 5 Banner

Bonus NEW UR Guaranteed on your 10th draw. First draw is free.

Grab Bag 3 Banner

Features 26 popular URs including 20 from Revenge of the Ancients Odyssey Event. 50% Drop Rate on the new 19 PWR UR.

Berzerker Rush 2 Banner

Two 20-PWR URs reward for Top Rankers.


Revenge of the Ancients banner

No energy is required for this event, with a total of 20 famous Cryptids returning as Bosses and rewards.

Battle Royale XXIII Banner

To celebrate LoC's 2nd Anniversary, there are 3 URs as Ranking Rewards.

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