10% UR Ticket new

This ticket can be used for a 90% chance to draw standard LCP Rare (generally junk) or if lucky enough to dodge the 90%, a basic LCP Ultra Rare (non premium, non-box pack).

All URs drawn from this ticket are non-Event URs.

Event Ticket Edit

10% UR Ticket

This event ticket can be used for a 10% increased chance to draw a basic Ultra Rare (non premium, non-box pack). This prize is obtainable from the Starless and Bible Black raid event.

  • 100 & 150 repels (iOS)/80 repels (Android)
  • 4,000 bosses

Steam Chaos Casino Edit

10% UR Claim Ticket

This is the top prize obtainable from the Steam Chaos Casino intermittent event.

  1. The chance of landing this ticket is around 1% on the Monster Jet Charger. Assuming players on average win one 10% UR Claim Ticket every 100th pull each costing 20 Mana, the average Mana spent is 2000 per ticket.

  2. Since each Mana requires 10 ATK PWR while recharging at a rate of one ATK per minute, a total of 20,000 minutes (or 333m:20s or 13d:21h:20m) per ticket on average.

  3. Finally, there is only a 10% chance of a standard Ultra Rare being drawn. Assuming 10 tickets are used per Ultra Rare drawn on average, the game is set up to distribute a single Ultra Rare for every 200,000 minutes, or 138d:21h:20m of playtime! Don't hold your breath.

Thus, drinking potions or using items that replenish ATK PWR is not generally condoned for this event.

Heroes Colosseo VI Edit

Also acquired as reward for ranking 141-180 in S Class in Heroes Colosseo VI.

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