(Wronged) Diantia, Night's Daughter


No night enraged Diantia like that of the human holiday, Halloween. If it had only been because she was expected to join the inferior humans in celebration, she may have not grown so indignant. What truly antagonized her was their complete disrespect for the true ruler of darkness, The Lord of Night. Then there were those, who, their wits having disappeared with the setting sun, began to ask boorish questions. And when they inquired as to "who she was dressed up as," Diantia once again lost any faith in their kind.


Added on October 2, 2018 to the Grab Bag Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Diantia is very likely a variant of the Greek female name Diantha; the meaning is "divine flower". It is the name of the mythological flower of Zeus and is more melodious and unique than its cousin Diana.

Additional InfoEdit

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