(Windslice) Soulblaze Wielder Calla


When Calla learned of her companions' undoing, victims of the restored organization's revenge, her fighting spirit was alighted once more. The only ones who had supported her were no longer of this world. Though they were unable to stand beside her, she felt them stirring within her soul. In order to avenge her fallen allies, she took the Soulblaze Daggers in hand to bring justice upon the villains.


See Soulblaze Wielder Calla.

Name originEdit

Calla is a feminine name of Greek origin; the meaning is "beautiful". Derived from greek word kallos; also the name of a flower calla lily. Also possibly a variant of Caoilainn an Irish Gaelic name meaning "slim and fair", or from Kelila meaning "crown of laurel" or a short form of Michaela.

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