(Weighted) Selfish Nephilim Rhanana


Christmas Eve was the only day Rhanana was allowed to enter the Heavens. Planning to show her mother how much she was adored on the surface, she flew into the sky with a bundle of gold bullion and bejewelled baubles. However, she was spurned at the gate, for her heart had grown heavy with impudence. Worse yet, as she made her descent, she was struck by a flying sled being driven by a woman in blue clothing. Though she lived through the landing, her wings were rendered utterly useless.


See Selfish Nephilim Rhanana.

Name OriginEdit

Nephilim (or Giants) are offspring of supernatural beings with human women described as "sons of God" and the "daughters of men", referred to in Hebrew scriptures; a race of humans mentioned in the Old Testament, described as being physically impressive and heroic. The word nephilim interprets as "giants" or "the violent ones". Also some interpretations are based on the assumption that the word is a derivative of Hebrew verbal root n-ph-l "fall", and translate it as "those that cause others to fall down", "ones who have fallen", "the fallen ones" or "the ones falling [upon their enemies]" thus making it as a synonym of "fallen angels".

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