(Warming) Arle, Rainbow Sprite


As she is made up of light, Arle uses the moons' beams and sun's rays for sustenance. When she has consumed her fill, the sprite's beautiful wings, which seem to shine with a prismatic gleam, will bring a protective glow to her surroundings. The wings shimmer brightly in even the darkest, cloudy nights, and if one has the rare fortune to see her through the depths of darkness, they will know in a moment the artistry she lends to the natural world.


See Arle, Rainbow Sprite.

Name originEdit

Arle is probably a variant or a short form of English feminine name Arlene. Arlene is a feminine form of Arlen, from Gaelic origin, meaning "pledge, promise, oath". Or possibly a coinage based on German, Polish, and English Marlene (German origin, blend of the names Latin Maria "star of the sea" and Greek Magdalene "from Magdala") or French Charlene (Old German origin, "free man").

Additional InfoEdit

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