(Wargod) Achilles the Cruel


Achilles's faultless exploits in war earned him the title of hero. At the same time, however, this incurred much enmity for him. He was infamous for taunting his foes with acrid mockery afore finishing them off.

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In Greek Mythology, Achilles was a great hero of the Trojan War. He is the central character and greatest warrior in the recount of the Trojan war by Homer (The Illiad). He grew to the status of legend in later works by Stallius who descibed him as being invulnerable in all parts of his body except his heel. He was known for his prowess in battle, his ruthlessness and his arrogance.


  • This is a guaranteed Ultra Rare card that can be obtained by purchasing the 500-gem Sinister Unrest card pack during the second half of Out the Blue odyssey event.

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