(Virulence) Gato, Agent of Enmity


Gato would take the overpowering malice of his client and seal it into an amulet for strength. The deeper the hatred, the more violent the resentment, the more suffering his scythe would inflict as it tore through his target's flesh. As the head of his dying victim mouthed wordless pleas for forgiveness, the amulet would lose its effect. It was only through his patrons that Gato could slay even powering demons, and indeed, none were detested with such intensity as the inhumane.


See Gato, Agent of Enmity.

Name originEdit

Gato is a Spanish, Portuguese and Galician word for "cat, feline". In Portuguese also a slang term for very handsome man.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Test of Strength Skill Card for Edge of Death Odyssey Event. Gives 2x the Items regardless of Skill level. Gives 3x the Items when evolved with maxed out Skill.

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