(Vendetta) Rapacious Hunter Etna


At last she had found him, the same man who always appeared in Etna's dreams, the monster that had killed her mother and abandoned her. So long she had waited for this day, so many battles she had overcome. "Finally, I will sleep easy." The power of the vindictive hunter's demon blood unleashed, she quickly dispatched of her remaining enemies, inching ever closer to her target. "Will you beg for mercy, Father? After killing Mother, after what you have done to me... I swear you will feel our pain ten-fold!"


See Rapacious Hunter Etna.

Name originEdit

Etna is of Irish and Gaelic origin, a variant of Eithne - the source is a term of praise in poetry among Irish bards. The meaning of Etna is "kernel, nut".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Puppeteer Lee.

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