Rutee, Legend's Heiress


The name of my father had caused the Heacans themselves to tremble with dread. He ascended to eminence atop his mountain of achievements. Yet, reduced to mere bones, the glory and triumph he once boasted passed into legend before fading into obscurity. Unable to accept his death for myself, I took charge of the dark army I inherited and started upon the the long path to subjugating the holy realm. I cared not if I were heading toward my own downfall, as a world without my father held no value.


Added on April 12, 2015 as a part of Ascension Saga 2 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Rutee Katrea, known in Japan as Rutee Katret (ルーティ・カトレット), is one of the main character leads in the game "Tales of Destiny" who also makes an appearance in its sequel, "Tales of Destiny 2" and other "Tales of..." series. She is considered greedy, money-hungry, and always out for herself, but eventually her more noble goals and traits are made known to the party. When not fighting against monsters for her money, Rutee can be found combing ancient ruins for treasures to sell.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill card for The Forgotten Labyrinth Odyssey Event. Boosts the number of Event Items acquired by up to 1.2x regardless of Skill Level.

  • Evolving Material Card.
  • Must be set as Leader.
  • Artwork by Kang Hee Gwang aka Nax.
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