(Value) A Girl & A Gentle Hunter


"Around this corner, there's a shoemaker! And around that one..." The red-hooded girl energetically guided the hunter through the town, showing him the important places with sweeping gestures. The man finally began to realize the importance of his rescuing the girl. Such pure innocence was rare, and it served to nurture his hope for the future.


Acquired by evolving Slumbering Forest with one Bouquet of Blessings to get (Woods) Scene of Sunlit Butterflies, then evolving with Passing Hunter to get (Value) Hunter and Red-Hooded Girl , then evolving with a Transcendental Forest Crest.

Additional notesEdit

  • This card additionally offers a great chance to block Echoes of Eternity raid boss attacks, in addition to it's regular skill.
  • This card cannot be further evolved.
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