(Valediction) Fae-Blessed Enpheline


Until the last cherry blossom petal fell from the tree, Enpheline's spring banquet continued. "Oh, what a lovely flower crown! I am ever so grateful for your blessings. My family also will be most pleased for certain. I hope you will return next year, for I shall endeavor to improve upon my harp technique and learn some new melodies. I may also prepare some new sweets... Come again? You say my presence alone shall be sufficient? My, how kind! I too enjoy everyone's company. The arrival of the following spring shall be a long wait indeed!"


Evolve 2 (Entreatment) Fae-Blessed Enpheline

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Artwork by Viktoria Gavrilenko.

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(Laureling) Fae-Blessed Enpheline (Normal Card Image)

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