(Vacillate) Regina, Disloyal Idol


In the eyes of the Lord of Hades, Regina did not only hold talents, she held far too many. Even if he wished to hold her beauty forever captive, he was aware one as strong as she could not be contained. So he had saved her as a last resort, knowing that while she would bring assured victory, his overwhelming jealousy made him unable to abide by the thought of exposing her sublime form to others. All the same, he would watch her always, for he had grown enraptured by her allure.


High Ranking Reward in the Arm of the Dark God Raid Event.

Name originEdit

Regina is an English, German, and Polish feminine name of Latin origin. It is derived from the word regina with the meaning "queen". The name is known from Regina Caeli meaning "Queen of Heaven", one of the titles bestowed on the Virgin Mary from the 8th century. Regina is the feminine form of the English, French, and German Rex, rex is Latin for "king".

Additional InfoEdit

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