(United) Kindred Warriors of Fate


To Achilles' astonishment, the challenger before him was the paragon of beauty. The very instant Penthesilea drew near him, she admitted defeat; it was over the moment they met. ...As she shuts her eyes, they embrace with a kiss.

Name OriginEdit

Penthesilea was an Amazonian warrior, and a daughter of Ares. She went to Troy to find absolution during the time of the Trojan War. Achilles killed Penthesilea in the original myth, but loved her so much in her death that he killed another warrior because he made fun of him and his love for the dead Penthesilea.


Acquired by specially evolving two ultra rares: (Wargod) Achilles the Cruel and (Lady War) Penthesilea the Valiant.

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