Solange EX


When Solange learned of the demon sightings from the knights, her temper boiled over. She blamed herself for allowing such danger to befall her dominion, but that only fueled the fighting spirit within her. Though she knew not her own limitations, she marched along the deepest, darkest alleys, unaware of the encroaching threat.


See Brash Solange.

Name originEdit

Solange is a feminine name of French and Latin origin (Sollemnia), also can be a masculine name in French; the meaning is "solemn, dignified". It is derived from the word sollemnis which is of the meaning "solemn, religious". Solange has a fanciful meaning as "an angel of the sun", composed of French words ange is "angel" and soleil "sun" or sol "salt, earth" (from Latin sol "sun").

Solange (died 10 May, c. 880) was a French shepherdess, a very beautiful and popular, who became a saint after she was killed by her master.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 3rd Chapter in Beauty by Design Raid Event.

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