(Unequalled) Regina, Demon's Idol


It was not only because she possessed tremendous might that Regina crushed those who opposed the Lord of Hades under her heel. Nor was it because of her ingenious tactics or her unparalleled leadership. Rather it was that, whenever Regina took to the battlefield, she thought but one thing: how to bring about her opponent's end as quickly as possible. Wishing to return to her master as soon as possible, Regina saw her enemies only as obstacles in the way of her inevitable reunion. The battles themselves were but a tiresome affair.


See Regina, Demon's Idol.

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Regina is an English, German, and Polish feminine name of Latin origin. It is derived from the word regina with the meaning "queen". The name is known from Regina Caeli meaning "Queen of Heaven", one of the titles bestowed on the Virgin Mary from the 8th century. Regina is the feminine form of the English, French, and German Rex, rex is Latin for "king".

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(Unequalled) Regina, Demon's Idol (Normal Card Image)

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