(Uncovering) Pining Alma


After he had slaughtered his men, Alma's captain headed off into the distance, the same blank expression on his countenance. Witnessing the one she had held in such high regard descend so completely into madness, the young knight felt paralyzed, and for a time she could do more than to stand in silence. When she had finall returned to her senses, she knew that something was behind her captain's sudden turn. The desire for revenge deep within her breast, she set out to uncover the mystery.


See Pining Alma.

Name originEdit

Alma is a feminine name. The name is of debated origin as it used in English, German (variant of Amalia "imitating; work; beloved"), Italian and Spanish (alma "soul"), Hebrew (variant of Alumit and Aluma "maiden, girl; secret") languages. Most likely derived from Latin word almus with the meaning "nourishing, kind". The Latin root word is familiar from the term Alma Mater "fostering mother", the term for a college or university.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 6th Chapter in Behind the Lines Raid Event.

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