(Unanimity) Fairy Magician Jedd


The white magic of fairies is non-destructive, focusing on the creation of illusions, clairvoyance, and fascination. As Jedd loathes the idea of hurting others, he possesses the perfect nature for such benign spells. Although labeled a coward, he pays no heed for he only wishes to lead a peaceful life with the fairies by his side, just as they seek his companionship.


See Fairy Magician Jedd.

Name originEdit

Jedd or Jed is a masculine name primarily used in English, of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "beloved of the Lord (Yahweh)". A biblical name, its meaning is derived from the element yahweh "name of God". Jedidyah (Hebrew) is an old form of Jedidiah; the name was borne as an alternate name by King Solomon in the Bible.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Test of Strength Skill Card for The Forgotten Labyrinth Odyssey Event. Gives 2x the Items regardless of Skill level. Gives 3x the Items when evolved with maxed out Skill.

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