(Twinsoul) Serpent Mistress Eltrena


Eltrena's village came under attack. Though they barely managed to escape annihilation, the one responsible for the raid was sent by none other than the Archduchess herself. Eltrena detested the idea of being forced to served another, but she knew she had no choice but to swallow her pride. She approached the army that had wrought destruction on her homeland and indicated her willingness to join their cause. The huge serpent that had been her companion since childhood raised its head. When it hissed, Eltrena pulled out her sword.


See Serpent Mistress Eltrena.

Name OriginEdit

Snake charming is the practice of pretending to hypnotise a snake by playing an instrument called pungi. Although snakes are able to sense sound, they lack the outer ear that would enable them to hear the music. They follow the pungi that the "snake charmer" holds with their heads. The snake considers the person and pungi a threat and responds to it as if it were a predator. The most popular species are typically various kinds of cobras, though vipers and other types are also used.

From Spanish El Tren a translates as "a train to".

Additional InfoEdit

Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XVIII.

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