(Tumult) Twilight Ruler Umbriel


Umbriel's black rain poured over Lutetia, eating away at the hearts of men. The people revolted at Louis XIII's corrupted rule and plunged the city into further chaos. With Cardinal Richelieu keeping those pesky Musketeers busy, Umbriel smirked at his assured victory. Soon the red of blood would replace the black rain throughout the world, starting with Lutetia.


See Twilight Ruler Umbriel

Name originEdit

Umbriel is the 'dusky melancholy sprite' in Alexander Pope's poem "The Rape of the Lock", and the name suggests the Latin umbra, meaning "shadow".

Umbriel is a moon of Uranus discovered on October 24, 1851, named after this character. It was discovered at the same time as Ariel (other two Titania and Oberon named after characters created by William Shakespeare).

Additional InfoEdit

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