(Treasured) Leolina, Dragon Mystic


From the appearance of Leolina's dainty and fragile form, one would have guessed she had no choice but to live on the surface. Yet no matter how fierce the opponent, not one who desired to mar her would ever find themselves successful. One would be wise not to challenge her, lest one wished to do battle with the whole of dragonkind. Any who had received the pleasurable touch of one of her soft hands would soon realize why the dragons worshiped, respected, and felt the greatest pride in protecting her without cease.


See (Cherished) Leolina, Dragon Mystic

Name originEdit

Leolina (Leoline) is a Welsh feminine name of Old Greek origin; the meaning is "lioness". Derived from Greek λεων (leon) "lion". A form of the English and Italian Leandra with the maening "strong brave man, leon man"; where ανδρος andros "of a man".

Additional InfoEdit

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