(Traveler) Master Explorer Bérénice


It never took long for Bérénice to choose her path. Faced with a fork in the road, where her feet carried her was always determined by a mere whim of the moment. To her, seeing her journeys though to the end was her duty as an explorer. Even when a colossal dragon blocked her path, or the drums of war thundered around her, Bérénice would continue to skip along with a smile on her face. Life-threatening situations and a few dropped supplies along the way were precisely the moments that master explorer Bérénice loved.


See Master Explorer Bérénice.

Name originEdit

Bérénice is a French variant of English, German, and Italian feminine name Berenice, Latinized form of Βερενικη (Berenike), the Macedonian form of the Greek name Φερενικη (Pherenike), which meant "bringing victory", derived from Ancient Greek φερω (phero) "to bring, to bear" and νικη (nike) "victory". This name was common among the Ptolemy ruling family of Egypt, a dynasty which was originally from Macedon. An additional Latin form of the same name is Veronica.

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