(Tranquility) Ethereal Bahamut


One must travel the stars to see Bahamut in person. Its impermanent form is like that of space itself. An entire star can serve as only one of its scales.

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Bahamut is the name of a giant, omnipotent being in Arabian mythology. It is said to be so huge that human eyes cannot look upon it. It resides in a vast sea called the Adwad. Bahamut rides on a giant whale creature called the Liwash, and carries a huge bull named Kujata, who holds a ruby, atop which stands aN angel who supports the seven heavens. The depiction of Bahamut as a dragon stems from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game where Bahamut is a "good" dragon, iN opposition to Tiamat, the "evil" dragon.


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