(Terra) Thrillseeker, Wrigley


It was said the gods resided in the Heavens, which caused Wrigley to wonder how much more exhilarating it would be to ascend to that staggering height. She climbed up the twisting ivy stalk rumored to lead to her desired destination, using her wealth of experience to stave off the bizarre monsters that attacked. Headstrong though she was, she steadily progressed towards her greatest achievement.


Evolving two Thrillseeker, Wrigley cards together and than again with (Guard) Stalwart Forest Crest.

Name originEdit

Wrigley is an English masculine name, another variant transcription is Rigley; the meaning is "clearing by a river bend". Derived from an Irish surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, habitational name from Wrigley Head near Salford, the second element of which is presumably Old English leah "wood", "clearing"; the first may be a personal name or topographical term from Old English wrigian "to strive", "to bend or turn".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Jung Myung Lee.

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