(T) Peace Purveyor Menas


Extracting the soul of a young and innocent maiden and commandeering the body for her own ends, Menas justified her actions to herself. "For the greater good," she said, as she solemnly offered her prayers for the maiden's cast-away soul. Through her sacrifice, the world would be able to edge ever closer to peace... or so she believed. It was not the first maiden that had fallen victim to her unrelenting determination, and was not to be the last. There surely were those who objected to Menas' methods, held her as a villain and plotted to strike her down... but she was unconcerned, for she was able to eliminate the resentment that would give rise to their aggression in the first place.


See (Singleminded) Peace Purveyor Menas

Name originEdit

Menas is an Old Greek masculine name meaning "related to the months".

Additional InfoEdit

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