(T) Eve, Amateur Assassin


"I might just grow to like this," whispered Eve, panting for breath. Having broken through the countless guards, she had at last reached the dwarven king. Now she plunged her knife down into his scarred, battle-worn visage, and the king could hardly be blamed for having hereto underestimated the young assassin. After all, a day prior she had been a normal girl who never spilt a drop of blood. None could have known that she was destined to slay.


See (Overanxious) Eve, Amateur Assassin

Name originEdit

Eve is an English and French name of Hebrew origin, meaning "alive, living one" or "source of life". From the Hebrew name Chawwah, which was derived from the Hebrew word chawah "to breathe" or the related word chayah "to live". A variant of Czech, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Slavic, Spanish, Hungarian, Indian, and Polish Eva, originally Latin form.

Additional InfoEdit

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