(Team) Altruistic Jade Musketeers


d'Artagnan's heart shines with the light of hope and courage, and her desire to save Lutetia burns with the same intensity as the other Musketeers. They gladly include her in the ranks, and swear a new oath of loyalty. Blessed by the protection of the abundant forests, the Four Musketeers cry out, "All for one, and one for all!"


Acquired by evolving (Unit) Musketeer Hopeful d'Artagnan with 2 Dragon Emblems to get (Duty) Musketeer Hopeful d'Artagnan then evolving with (Tout) Assembled Three Musketeers to get (Duty) d'Artagnan's Fated Encounter, which is then evolved with a Transcendental Forest Crest.

Name OriginEdit

The Musketeers are a fictional group from Alexander Dumas' popular novel, The Three Musketeers. Additionally, the Musketeers were also a type of infantry found in early modern European armies, wielding a musket.

Additional infoEdit

  • This card is the last evolution, and cannot be further evolved.
  • This card also possess a raid skill in addition to its existing one, offering a medium boost to damage against bosses in the One for All, All for One Raid Event, and a small boost to damage against bosses past this event.
  • Artwork by Woochul Lee.
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