(T) Felixia, Mad Matriarch


When Felixia's children were born at last, she lavished her care upon them without restraint. Though their claws would tear at her skin as she embraced them, she was never happier. She would give up anything at all for their sake, and, before long, they asked her for something to eat. She then replied, (Help yourselves to everything in the castle.) From that day forth, nothing but bloodcurdling groans could be heard from outside the stone walls.


See (Gestation) Felixia, Mad Matriarch

Name originEdit

Felixia is a Spanish variant of an English, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch and Scandinavian feminine name Felicia; male equivalent is the Dutch, English, German, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Scandinavian, and Slavic Felix. The meaning is "lucky, happy, successful, fortunate", it's derived from the Latin word felix "lucky".

Additional InfoEdit

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