(T) Deranged Devil Dwayne


The entire order of existence was inverted in the Anti-realm. Physical as well as moral standards were reversed. Peace was undesirable and love, a loathsome transgression. Dwayne gave a wicked grin as he surveyed the twisted landscape, having brought a legion of dark gods into the Anti-realm. At long last, he felt at ease, as if he had finally returned home.


See (Thrusting) Deranged Devil Dwayne

Name originEdit

Dwayne is a traditionally male name, but rarely used as female too (Duana, Duane), of Irish and Gaelic origin; the meaning is "swarthy, dark". In Gaelic dubh means "little dark one". Dubhain was a popular given name in 16th century southern Ireland. Anglicized form is Dwane or Duane. As a surname it is O'Dubhain, or Dubhan.

Additional InfoEdit

Variation of (Returned) Demented Devil Dwayne

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