(Surpass) Cyan Witch Irizela


The Arcane Empress awoke, and dyed the world a cyan blue. Perhaps it was an omen, prophesizing a demon cold that would freeze the land over... Now released from her imprisonment, she walks gracefully into the world, as if infatuated with her regained freedom. With every step, stars shriek, mountains tremble, seas storm and swell, the sky falls, the Sun goes cold, and the world heads towards imminent apocalypse.


Acquired by evolving The Fallen Empress with three Arcane Empress' Autobiography cards to get (Might) Irizela the Preeminent, then evolving with Irizela the Transcendent to get (Surpass) Cruel Transcendent, then evolving with a Arcane Water Crest.

Additional infoEdit

  • Final card in 5-stage evolution.
  • This card additionally offers a great chance to block Primal Scream raid boss attacks, in addition to it's regular skill.
  • This card cannot be further evolved.
  • Renewed Version: (Suffocating) Cyan Witch Irizela

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