(Superb) Grape Tarts


Even before the first bite, anyone could tell these tarts were delicious. The white grapes shone like jade upon the fragrant crust. The subtle flavors of the ingredients created a taste one could never tire of, and sent any that sampled one into rapture. Smiles formed on the faces of all who ate them. Wouldn't you like to try one of Emidio's grape tarts, too?


Acquired by evolving Chef's Patisserie with three Enchanted Pumpkin Cupcake to get (Fancy) Finé, All Dressed Up, then evolving with Emidio the Sweetsmaster to get (Sweet) Adults Clamoring for Sweets, then evolving with a Transcendental Forest Crest.

Name originEdit


Additional notesEdit

  • This card additionally offers a huge chance to block Echoes of Eternity raid boss attacks, in addition to it's regular skill.
  • This card cannot be further evolved.
  • Artwork by Atents.
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