(Succumb) Demon-Resisting Xenagia


Xenagia had understood the danger held within that particular tome's pages and she had tried to steel herself against being tricked by the demon within. But always it taunted her, tempting her with all sorts of knowledge and magic, magic that would allow her to grow into a powerful mage. Unable to suppress her curiosity any longer, she relinquished, and asked for it to share the knowledge that enticed her like the sweetest mead. "Release me and I shall teach you more than you can imagine," it beckoned, and she complied.


See Demon-Resisting Xenagia.

Name OriginEdit

Xenagia comes from the Greek, and generally means "foreigner" or "outsider". In ancient Greek warfare Xenagia is "foreign legion", military unit.

Xenagia is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.

Additional InfoEdit

EX is featured on banner of Heroes Colosseo XIV.

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