(Sublimity) Asnadjia, Sword Prodigy


They say defeatin' a master swordsman couldn't be more simple, that one need only steal the warrior's blade. Everyone knows as much: the stronger the swordsman, the more powerless they become without their sword. But such tricks won't work on Asnadjia. Why, you ask? The blades carried by the goddess are filled with joy's light, and they never fail to return to their master. I daresay they are happy to be held in her arms, like sweet lovers they are at her touch. Armed or no, it's best not to even think of challengin' her.


See Asnadjia, Sword Prodigy.

Name originEdit

Asnadjia is an uncommon feminine name. A two-element name of prefix as- and name Nadjia of Arabic origin with the meaning "saved".

Additional InfoEdit

First animated 22-PWR card.

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